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Ways to Keep Busy During COVID-19

The Federal Government of Canada is encouraging people to practice social distancing. It is also good practice to self-isolate as much as possible, and in some instances complete isolation is necessary.

If you are following recommendations to stay put and limit contact with people outside your home, chances are good you have more time on your hands than you used to.

Here are some suggestions of things you can do while you self-isolate:

  1.   Focus on what you can versus what you can’t do. The way you do business must adapt.
  2.   This is the time to focus “ON” your business.
  3.   High Level of communication with active customers keeping them informed of the fact you’re still there to help.
  4.   Relay credible Government resources and breaking news but be extremely cautious with fake news. Reach out to clients!!
  5.   Educate yourself while at home. Great tools include: Udemy, Courseera, universities, YouTube. Learn how to use social media, understand the \”science of well being\” and more!
  6.   Plan and setup your marketing campaigns.
  7.   Pick up the phone, send text messages, engage your peers.
    Are they parents? Create discussions on what to do with the school closures.
    Are they parents of athletes? Create discussions on how to keep the kids fit and growing while the gyms are closed and community and team sports are on pause.
    Get involved in the community, discussing ways to help people that are sick with anything during these uncertain times, not just those infected with COVID-19. Some communities have made groups on Facebook to share ideas or ask for and offer help.
  8. Create or share social media posts on hand washing. Make them humorous and fun. Create a checklist of  \”must have\” nonperishable foods in the pantry.
  9. Make a to-do list of things around your home. Who doesn’t have a long list of “when I get time” items?
  10. Complete in home workout routines: push up challenges, sit up challenges, plank challenges, skipping challenges etc. You could be trying to stay in shape, or get in shape. Either way, make the most of this time!
  11. Create checklists on what people can do for their elder family members who are most at risk, or people with existing illnesses so they will be less likely to be exposed.  Email them, text them, social media post them.
  12. Promote local businesses – see what they are doing to help and pass on their messages.
  13. Organize online meetings using ZOOM, Skype, or google hangouts.
  14. Look for opportunities to help and contribute to getting through this together.
  15. Try something new, and let us know what you are doing!
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