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It’s Time to Record Those Continuing Professional Development Points

November 30 is the deadline for ROWPs to record their CPD points with ASTTBC. WCOWMA-BC has received numerous calls and emails asking how to collect points in the various categories in order to meet the requirements.

Here are a few tips:

  • Indigenous Awareness Training – ASTTBC has information on their website about available training for this category.  The requirement for this training comes from the Professional Governance Act which ASTTBC must operate under. Currently, you can sign up for a free two-hour webinar through BCIT in order to collect your points. There are other programs available as well and some are listed on ASTTBC’s website.
  • There are four areas for gaining required CPD points. Here are some examples taken from ASTTBC’s website:
    • Self-directed learning – Attending seminars, workshops, webinars, technical field trips, or on-the-job training provided by your employer or a supplier of equipment or services.
    • Structured learning – Post-secondary technology course; code update training course, teaching a course or training program; presenting at a conference, presenting at a professional symposium.
    • Volunteering with ASTTBC – Participating on education boards, industry advisory committees or similar profession-related organization or association activities.  Volunteering as a subject matter expert for ASTTBC (e.g., as an investigator, providing expertise or feedback on technical issues or practice-related inquiries).  Volunteering as a member of a statutory committee.
    • Indigenous Awareness – see above.

More details are available on ASTTBC’s website as to what types of activities qualify for CPD points: This link also leads you to an explanation of how to record CPD points as well.

Final Tip:  Attend the Annual Convention and Trade Show and get all your self-directed learning points as well as some of your structured learning points in one location! The Convention and Trade Show takes place in Kamloops on March 14, 15, & 16, 2024.

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